The female spirit is something that has always inspired me, both as an artist and a human. Women have the amazing capacity to endure hurt and physical suffering, and yet respond with an endless ocean of love and empathy. Truly, they are the source of all humanity. Thus, in homage to all mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and lovers, we are so excited to bring you the first installment of our new video series, The Roche Sessions!

Filmed completely live at the Los Angeles studio of veteran powerhouse producer Guy Roche, we present to you:



Love > Hate... So much negativity is flooding our systems these days. It has become difficult to stay positive with so many terror attacks, racial issues and political differences. Even dating has become an ancient art to most millennials...
So love... where is the love? I strongly believe it is here and will never die, as we are all made of it. Even in times of hatred, bullying, and self doubts, love is at our core, one heartbeat at a time. It is my hope that Love will conquer this confusing and dark period our world is in. May we all prosper in this beautiful story called Life.


Lead vocals and acoustic guitar: Jules Galli
Electric violin: Koi Anunta
Electric guitar: Jake Faun
Keyboards: Marshall Thompson
Bass: David Henning
Drums: Josh Herbst
Background vocals: Taylor Hannah

Filmed by Javier Caso
Video editing by Jordan H. Johnson
Audio recording by Guy Roche
Audio mix and mastering by Ali Nikou

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